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Things you need to know before starting Digital Marketing!

Let us first talk about what actually is digital marketing in very easy language, Digital marketing is a form of Marketing in which marketing is done via Digital mediums for example – Social media ads, Email marketing, etc. In order to be an expert in digital marketing, one needs to master the art of “Marketing” first. Once you understand the basic concepts of marketing, you can help businesses with their marketing via any medium, be it digital marketing or traditional marketing.

The best definition I have come across is “Marketing is about sending the right message to the right person at the right time”, it is not about selling only, It is about developing trust in a stranger and encouraging him to buy your product/service. -this definition is given by Digital Deepak.

Do you ever wonder how digital marketing can change your life? what are the things that are important to consider before pursuing this profession?

First of all digital marketing skills are not a choice anymore it has become a necessity for each individual who wants to amplify their communication to larger audiences.

Its best suitable for people under 30 and for everyone who owns a business or wants to start a business because it one of the best, cheapest way to market your self/product/service.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about several topics (such as Fundamentals of Marketing, Communication skills, Digital Marketing vs Traditional marketing & Personal Branding: mass trust blueprint) in order to get a holistic overview of digital marketing in India. After reading this post you will have a good idea of what digital marketing is about & how can it help you. So please read the article till the end so that you do not miss out on anything.

Set goals.

Before starting anything we should have a crystal clear idea of what do we exactly want. ln this case we should have a clear idea first that “why do you want to learn digital marketing” 95% of the people want to learn digital marketing in order to have a good income source. yes ??. So let us assume an amount which is a decent amount and make it our target let us take 1 crore as our target. Now we know where do we want to go, the next step is to figure out, How we are going to reach our target. There are several things you can do, but let me make it easier for you to understand with the help of this picture.

Finding 100 people who can pay 1Lakh rupees is very difficult when compared with finding 1lakh people who can pay you 100 rupees. So you need to decide first what you want to do. You can also sell 1000 rupees products to 10,000 people.

it depends on the niche you are targeting whether it’s a wider and generic niche or a narrow niche. As narrow as the niche,  more people are willing to pay, but the number of people is less. It is highly recommended that one should start with a narrow niche, for example, you are learning Digital marketing you can narrow it to “SEO – search engine optimization” you can further narrow it down to ” SEO for doctors/Gym, etc.”.

Nowadays people are looking for specialists and the majority of people around us are jack of all, master of none. So in the beginning we will focus on the narrow niche and go as deep as possible. if possible start helping people who are in the business that you like the most.

for example, I like to read about spirituality and I can talk about it for hours and won’t get tired. So what I can do is, I can help people in this niche to sell their services/products. it will make our learning process much better. If you select your niche properly it is easy to earn 1crore.

While helping any Businesses, Our ultimate goal should be to help our clients to generate more Revenue/Profit growth. This is the only reason your client is paying you. if you perform better there are higher chances that he will approach you again whenever he needs your service.

How to choose the right Niche for you?

First of all let us understand what is a “Niche”. This is the definition I got from the Shopify website “A niche market is a segment of a larger market that can be defined by its own unique needs, preferences, or identity that makes it different from the market at large”. for example Digital marketing is a larger market whereas “Fb ads for restaurants” is a small market segment which has its own unique needs preferences.

You must choose a niche considering these three things.

Talent – Weather you have desired skills for helping people in that niche. if you have marketed for the niche and you also have a passion for your niche but you do not have any talent or skills, there are high chances you will not be a successful marketer.

Market – Having the market potential for the niche you choose is also very important because it is the deciding factor of how much you will make. Like I like to make things from waste material and I have skills for it, but there is no market for it. I highly recommend that you do not take this factor lightly.

Passion – Passion will act as a fuel for your niche. let me explain to you this way, I had made a WordPress website where I used to sell air-conditioned via amazon and earn affiliate commissions. I was very motivated in the starting made website In 15 days it was my first ever website. I worked on it and learned all the basics of WordPress and its plugins. But after that when I got busy somewhere else for some days, I was not able to get back to it till now

So please choose something which you like. for better clarity – think of the things you can talk about all day long without preparing anything. write 3-4 of such things and then choose from this. Once you master a small niche, you can always target a larger audience later.

You need something, which is a combination of all these three factors. If you leave behind even one of the factors, there are High chances you will Fail. DO CONSIDER THESE THREE FACTORS !!

Once you have chosen your Niche we can start to learn more considering only our niche segment.

What is marketing & why should you learn it?

Marketing is how a business communicates with the world. We, humans, communicate with words we call “language”. whereas if we consider a business as a being then the way he communicates to the whole world is called marketing. In the process of marketing business tells people about itself and it gets to know about its customers or to-be-customers well. Also, Marketing is a game of perceptions so do not focus only on marketing. Your focus should be on the product first because a great product sells itself. we just need to tell people that ‘Hey, I am making this product. and it is available easily. so that people can discover that there is something.

If you are running a business then learning marketing is a must for you because it is the way your business communicates to people and brings them to buy because all things start from communication. Marketing is not going to go anywhere it was there and it will be there. Mediums might change but the main thing remains the same that is marketing.

Importance of Communication Skills in digital marketing.

Like I mentioned above Marketing is the name of the language which If business speaks to communicate with the consumer. and if a business is very bad at communicating itself, there are high chances that the business will fail. Whereas, if a business is good at communicating with its audience, there are high chances that the business will grow, because while communicating a business learns about the real-time problems of the consumer & he can work on it. Slowly as you communicate with people you will definitely see changes.

Communication skills are not English speaking skills. English is a language where communication means how beautifully and technically say the things which go through your mind. Better communication will be the interaction. better the interaction better the sales. SO now you have a good idea of how important communication skills are. 

If you want to learn about Communication Skills you can checkout Ashima’s Blog, She is a Great Communicator.

Basic overview of Indian Economics.

it is a very vast topic, I will keep it short and concise there are 31million active workers who earn more than 50,000 rupees, which has a household population of more than 110 million now, The average age of an Indian is 27years old and more the young people more will be the purchasing capacity of any country.

Families of these 31 Million people are well-to-do families having proper education, have a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, this segment mostly communicates in English. I highly recommend creating the best products for these 31million active learners and their families and then you can help people in other categories.

The target market is 31million, there are high chances that you can find at least 1 million people interested in your niche.& out of that, getting 1 lakh people pay you 100rupees does not sound difficult, In-fact most of these 31million people are concentrated in the top 10 cities of India and they are very much open to buying products/services online.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing.

It is one of my favorite topics. I can talk about it for hours, it might not help you in your digital marketing career but you should at least know what are the differences because for some products Traditional marketing might be more beneficial. here are some of the basic differences.[table id=7 /]

The CATT Marketing Funnel.

It’s a type of marketing funnel which I first heard from Digital Deepak in his videos. It’s a great concept & if you follow it properly it has the power to bring out amazing results for your business.

CATT stands for

C – Content

A – Attention

T – Trust

T – Transaction

Let us understand each one

C – Putting out Content, means create content that brings some kind of value to the readers. it should be helping people in your niche, if you keep putting out valuable content it will definitely help someone & it will gain attention, which is our 2nd point.

A – Gaining Attention, if you keep putting out valuable content it will gain attention, If people are paying attention to your content that means they are most likely to comment or like or communicate in some way & once the communication starts, things start to change, now you can go to next point that is building trust with them.

T – Building Trust, When people are interacting or communicating with you it means you can develop trust with them by providing more value through your content and gaining more attention. you should never break the trust of your readers, viewers. if trust is broken then all the hard work you made in putting out content will go down the drain. You can send personalized emails, use retargeting  all these will enhance the trust

T – Transacting,  This is the final step in this marketing funnel, also the most important one, it will complete the whole cycle. In this step, we convert the leads into paying customers with a natural sales method.  You have your niche right, your audience trusts you, you have the right targeting, you have attracted them and the sale will happen naturally.

In order to complete this step, you need to have a sales call. It could be a sales letter, sales webinar, etc. it has to be some kind of sales that is it. Without a sales call you cannot convert your leads into paying customers & it is important to complete the entire funnel.

If you work on these steps, it will definitely make you lots of wealth. Here is an image by Digital Deepak, beautifully describing the CATT marketing funnel.

When you have saturated a smaller niche, you can again go and target the bigger market and get bigger results. The principals are the same for each niche.

What is Integral Digital Marketing?

As the term suggests “Integration” means when separate people or things are brought together in some sequence in order to take out the optimum results from those Individual’s things.

In other words, Integrated Digital Marketing happens when different channels of marketing are brought together to work like a machine.(like Social media, paid ads, E-mail marketing, etc.)

It is always better to work towards a goal with the help of different channels. In Digital Marketing the goal is to convert the leads into paying customers. We need to work hard and make use of each channel in achieving our goal. Many marketers are sending paid traffic directly to the Sales landing page. whereas In integral digital marketing the main Attention to  Content is the center point, we send traffic to the free content via different mediums such as – Social media, SEO & Paid advertising.

When a lead consumes your content there are high chances of them giving out their email addresses in return. As you build your Email list, You start sending out personalized valuable email communications. As You Communicate you start building trust, after that  you do a sales call.

You have your niche right, you put out valuable content, you develop trust, & finally you transact.

Do not get confused  with CATT and Integrated Digital marketing, They both are different frameworks. In other words, CATT marketing funnel is executed with the help of Integrated Digital marketing or CATT marketing funnel is the journey of a person, from a lead to a paying customer and Integrated Digital marketing is how this whole journey is executed.

In layman’s language Integrated Digital Marketing is like an engine That drives the CATT funnel.

If you want to learn Digital marketing in Hindi, make sure you check out Abhishek’s blog. He has made things so easy and beginner friendly.

The Power of Personal Branding.

Imagine yourself as a chef, Imagine you have made a delicious unique dish which nobody else in your state and you keep that dish to yourself & your family, people will never know, weather that dish existed or not. The point here is to market yourself as a product as well.

Nobody is going to discover that you are best without you are the best without you having to market yourself. People like to communicate with a person  not to a brand.

A great Example of personal branding is Elon musk. He has made several big brands out of his personal brand. Elon Musk has a larger fanbase than Tesla & SpaceX. If you focus on building your personal brand from the beginning you can also give rise to many brands from your influence.

Digital Deepak has very beautifully said “Main capsule of the rocket is a personal brand & you have different stages of the rocket which puts personal brand into orbit. The stages are different companies you started  which ultimately pushes personal brand further &  adds credibility, authority & people will look up to you.

Let us also talk a bit about Evolution of a personal brand

Learn  – it all starts from acquiring a new skill. You must learn it. Learning new skills is learned through Concepts + Facts + Procedure.  Understand the facts – Remember the facts –  Practice the procedures this is how you learn any new skill. NO SKILL MEANS NO PERSONAL BRAND. ( 1-5) months

Work – When you have learned a new skill, it is time to Implement it. Implementation in the real world gives a better understanding of the skill. Work for 1-2 projects for free if possible because it would be great learning for you and you will be able to showcase the work you have done as your portfolio which will bring in more customers. (1-6) months. Check out this blog for some amazing case studies of digital marketing.

Blog – it’s time to share the learning via your personal blog. you can share your experiences, learnings which you will get from your work. Also when you write about what you have learned it opens new gateways for you, You understand the subject better. When you start telling the world about your learnings and help them learn too. Your personal Branding starts from here. this is the way you market yourself. ( 1 year) starts from the day you knew how to blog.

Consult – You have learned a new skill, practiced it, implemented what you have learned & you also started your person blog. You Know the ins and outs of your field. you might not be an expert but still, you know much more in comparison to people who do not know anything. Now you are in the position to Consult businesses. you know what are the problems a person faces while starting out and help people solve their problem too. ( 1-2 year)

At this stage, you should start offering consulting businesses instead of working for them. it is one of the best stages where you can charge great amounts on an hourly basis and you can even do it remotely due to the Covid -19 pandemic.

Mentor –   while you are consulting businesses, you will learn more about the people having other problems, Now you know about the problems you faced and the problems faced by the businesses. Now you are in the stage where you can mentor other people who want to become like you & then you can take the understanding of that subject to a whole new level. ( 2-3)years

Mentoring is 100 x consulting. digital Deepak also said that

Blogging – brings out the clarity level 1

Consulting – brings out more clarity level 2

Mentoring – brings out next level clarity level 3.

Startup –  Now as you have gained experience by mentoring numerous people. you know what people really want or what are the pain points of the market. Now you can come up with your own product or service business and start earning passively. When your startup is successful then you gain #masstrust, Now you can do anything, you have the audience, there are people learning from you. here is the whole journey in a beautiful picture by digital Deepak , showing the evolution of a personal brand also known as #masstrust blueprint.

This total process may take 3+ years to complete.

I am sure the hard work that you will put in for these 3years it will pay off well.


In this article, we learned about the things one should know before starting out. his digital marketing career. If anyone follows even a single thing written above he will start getting results. go step by step. Focus on giving out valuable content to your target segment and see how things fall into places.

If you are new to this industry you might have a hard time learning the skills but just do not give up, learning something new means getting out of your comfort zone, so it will be challenging. Just keep going.

Plan your day months and years. give yourself targets to achieve, benchmarks to set.

Today is the 29th of January 2021 & this is my first ever blog post on digital marketing, let us see where things go from here. The credit for writing this blog goes to Digital Deepak.

I appreciate you for staying with me till the end. Kindly share your views and what did you like in this blog post in the comments section.

If you learned anything from this article and wish to learn more on how you can make more profits with Digital Marketing

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Bhavik Jain